Care to share - Free cars for people in need

Autorama is proud to introduce our new program, Care to Share: Free Cars for People in Need! Care to Share is our unique way to show our gratitude to our community and lending a helping hand in the language we know best, cars. If you, or someone you know of, are in a dire need of a car, please share your story with us by filling out the form below. Once you submit your story, our panel will review your stories and pick a recipient based on the level of urgency. We make a difference one car at a time!

Pam & Steffie

Free Car Recipient from North York Commuting back and forth to work was very challenging. Both of my jobs are at least 45mins-1hr away from my house, and both are about 1hr away from the hospital. My mother was unable to return to work fully because she had to be at the hospital every day.

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Free Car Recipient from Scarborough In the past 6 months my family has experienced the kind of sadness that takes your breath away. Bob my husband of 35 years, father to our 4 sons became critically ill with a brain infection for the 2nd time in 7 years.

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Free Car Recipient from Toronto During my struggle and when we did not have a place to live, a kind couple from my church open their home to us. We also had other people who played a vital role in helping my daughter and I; we are grateful for all their help.

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Free Car Recipient from Toronto I cannot explain how much stress has been released from my shoulders (and my entire body and mind!) now that I finally have the peace I needed of knowing that I do not have to worry anymore of 'what if my car would break down today!'

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Free Car Recipient from Toronto When I realized this was for real I cried and the shock set in. On Friday me and my family went to pick up the car and when we walked in, all the staff at Autorama were lined up, clapping their hands with big smiles on their faces.

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Free Car Recipient from North York When I got a call the first time, I thought I was dreaming. Second call, I was trembling. Then I got a call to confirm I had been selected to be helped....I was speechless. Everything was so surreal. Pinched myself....Nope! Not dreaming!

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Free Car Recipient from Mississauga My heart is overflowing with so much gratitude right now cause of the thoughtfulness of my best friend, Victoria. I have been seeking and praying to God for a car and on July 17, 2015 He answered my prayers.

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Sofie & Donald

Free Car Recipient from Toronto With an open minded & positive approach, I decided to reply! A few days later, I received a phone call that would knock me off my feet. It was from Autorama, telling me that my application through their Care to Share program had been selected.

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Rachel & Jackie

Free Car Recipient from Ajax We are so thankful that Rachel has been chosen as a recipient of one of Autorama's Free Care to Share cars. This will make all the difference in the amount of children that she will be able to reach out to and help, giving back to the community where so much help is needed.

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