Care to Share – Elvira from Toronto

Driving my new van…priceless!!!

I cannot explain how much stress has been released from my shoulders (and my entire body and mind!) now that I finally have the peace I needed of knowing that I do not have to worry anymore of “what if my car would break down today!”

I had asked God for a new vehicle, since my van was getting old and I was unable to repair it with my limited income from disability. I am a widow, a mother of three at home children, and also on disability, due to a chronic illness. Nine years ago I was diagnosed with a chronic illness that prevented me from maintaining a job, and two years later my husband had passed away due to lung cancer. We also had lost our home.

Just the thought of being without a vehicle while unable to use the public transit and trying to manage my daily life, it’s devastating. Managing all doctors’ appointments, all household errands, essential treatments, plus church service and what God puts in my heart to do, would be unthinkable without a reliable vehicle!

My brother took my van for an estimate of the repairs. “No way”! I said. I do not have the means to do it. Every day I would pray and give thanks and asked for protection while driving.

Then my brother came across the Autorama “Care to Share Program” by “coincidence” and shared my story and I was selected! Wow! The answer to my prayers!

The incredible people at Autorama have been so patient and accommodating. They genuinely care for others and are giving back to the community with open hearts. They are humble and loving, joyfully sharing with deserving families in need what they could, as business, keep for profit.

I am not only thankful for the peace of mind of having a reliable vehicle for years to come, but for the privilege of knowing people who have discovered that “giving is better than receiving” I bless them and ask God to continue prospering them abundantly, so they may set example for others and continue changing lives.

You saved me! Thank you! Because you have blessed my life, I am able to take care of myself, my family and also bless others.

God is good. I thank Him for putting in your minds and hearts the creation of the Autorama “Care to Share” program. And I thank you, from the bottom of my heart for all the love, enthusiasm, effort and financial investment to carry on the program to benefit families in need. It is a plausible example of how an idea of giving back to the community, with kindness, generosity and genuine interest to extend a helping hand to others, can be possible with good will of a group of people, exercising leadership, team work and putting your heart in the right place.

Thank you Autorama for your legacy of giving back to the community “one car at a time”.

– Elvira
Recipient from Toronto

Every time something surprising or unexpected happens in my family, I always think about my Dad. Ever since he passed away, I have felt his presence, protecting us, guiding us, looking after us. That day was no different And whether it was his influence, the good will of some people, pure luck or just an instinct; I believe that “everything happens for a reason” and “everything happens because it has to happen” so we can learn, so we can acquire new skills, or simply, so we can experience that part of life which we might have chosen since before we were born. Who knows? Many times we encounter difficult obstacles, huge challenges or terrible tragedies, but looking at them from that perspective, has always helped me to overcome those, in a harmonious way.

When I think of people living challenging lives, getting up, dusting themselves off and going at it again and again and again like an invincible fighter, my oldest sister is always the first one that comes to mind. So one day, knowing that my sister’s car had died and there was no possible way she could afford to buy anything as she had lost everything when her husband passed away and after she was struck by many dramatic and unfortunate turn of events, plus she is still successfully raising 3 wonderful kids, I started browsing the web for cars. I really didn’t know what I was looking for because nothing would fit her needs, neither could she afford anything as she is not able to work. But something made me look again. Then I found a small ad. No pictures nor anything flashy to look at. “Care to Share” – “if you are in need or if you know anyone in need of a car but can’t afford one, we will like to hear from you” and went on to say that they were a dealership in Toronto who wanted to give back to the community. I raised my eyebrows in disbelieve and carried on. But then something struck me, I went back a few pages trying to find the ad and when I found it, I looked at it for a while without moving. I have nothing to lose I thought, and I started writing about my sister’s amazing story of strength and unbelievable endurance. I tried to keep all personal information private as I still wasn’t sure this was a real thing or just a dealership trying to get you interested and then offer an amazing financing plan, which my sister couldn’t be approved for anyway.

A day after I received an email telling me that my sister’s case was selected to enter the “care to share” program. I could not believe it. I replied and then I received a phone call. A wonderful lady got on the phone trying to get more information, I still wasn’t sure about the legitimacy of this whole thing so I was very reluctant to give personal information. So she explained everything to me again and again and asked me to go online and look at their website and videos of a car recipient. I laugh now when I look back at how defensive I got and how she was trying to convince me that they wanted to give a vehicle to my sister. Lol.

The guys at Autorama where my angels this time, my sister’s angels. I am so thankful that they went absolutely out of their way to find something that would actually fit my sister’s needs. Just like my sister, they didn’t give up.

I admire the dedication, time and effort they have put into this program of “Giving” you are teaching the world a lesson, even when you have to make extra efforts to convince someone’s brother to accept such unbelievable gift for his sister.

Autorama, we will always be grateful.

– Gabriel
Recipient’s Brother

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David Majedi

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