Care to Share – Sofie & Donald from Toronto

I live in a family of 3, my mother, brother and I, in the municipality of Toronto. My mother is the main provider of the family, so far, as I just finished college.

She works two jobs. Both of her jobs are at least 1.5 hours away by transit. She leaves at 5am and comes back at 10:30PM, 5 days a week. On top of that, she has to make sure that my brother and I are properly looked after. She cooks till 12 pm and gets only 4 hours of sleep.

I am heading to the Army in a month from now. I feel sorry for leaving her and my brother alone as I’m starting my career. It would mean the world if I could give my mother the privilege of comfort transport, before I leave. I always pray to God for a helping hand, and stumbling across an advertisement that offered a free car to people in need, seemed promising.

With an open minded & positive approach, I decided to reply! A few days later, I received a phone call that would knock me off my feet. It was from Autorama, telling me that my application through their Care to Share program had been selected.

And here I am, as a result of their generosity, sitting here and describing how it all happened, and most importantly seeing the look on my mother’s face as she receives this gift. Even though, I’ve only contributed to a small part of her life, this event has truly sparked a deeper appreciation of her. It has also made me believe that my love for my mother is limitless.

I’d like to acknowledge the great example that Autorama is setting. It is not just the car that is at play here, but more so the art of giving back. I am extremely grateful that a highly successful business like them is able to think about their community. The world would be a better place when people love their community and care about their neighbors.

– Sofie & Donald of Toronto

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