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Delayed but NOT Denied! After graduating in June 2016, I had plans to get a job, save so that I could afford to buy myself a car. I was blessed enough to get a job at the college that I graduated from, and also a job at the airport. Although I would come home tired from both jobs, I was excited that my plan of buying my own car was in process.

On November 3rd 2016, that plan was put on pause. I received a call that my dad was admitted to the hospital. While receiving that news my mother came home from work. By the look on my face she knew something was wrong. I had to brake the news to her, and from that day our lives changed drastically.

Commuting back and forth to work was very challenging. Both of my jobs are at least 45mins-1hr away from my house, and both are about 1hr away from the hospital. My mother was unable to return to work fully because she had to be at the hospital every day. Often times I would travel 1hr from either job to meet her at the hospital so than we could travel home together.

My father’s condition was getting worse, and I can see my mother getting tired and weak from the commute back and forth from the hospital to our home and also doing daily errands. Every night before I went to bed, I would pray to God asking him for deliverance. Praying that he would provide the necessary help for my mother and I.

For months financially physically, and emotionally things were getting difficult. Every Friday night and Saturday my mother and I would get a ride to church. On January 21st 2017 my pastor and his daughter asked to speak to my mother and myself. We thought he was inquiring on how we were doing, and also the progression of my father. In our conversation he mentioned that his daughter came across Autorama’s website and called him immediately and told him about the ‘Care to Share’ program. He explained that he shared our story and that a Autorama coordinator wanted to meet with us. We were so overwhelmed by the news, that we couldn’t speak.

On Monday morning, when my pastor, my mother and myself met with the ‘Care to Share’ coordinators, A sense of family, love, support and comfort was established in the room. My mother and I related our story and how difficult the past few months have been. There was a lot of crying, encouraging words, and hugs given in that room. I have never felt so comfortable with people that I only met in a few hours.

In our time of distress there was someone looking out for my mother and I. We are grateful for our pastor and his daughter that came across this wonderful program, and took it upon themselves to nominate our story, so that we could get help.

I remember my pastor preached a sermon ‘Delayed but NOT Denied. My plan of buying a car was delayed but it was certainly NOT denied.

Thank you Autorama from establishing this ‘Care to Share’ program. You are GENUIENLY helping to change peoples’ lives the best way you can. May God continue to bless the company, the employees and their families.

God bless from Pamela and Steffie

– Pam & Steffie
Recipients from North York

For a few months now, Steffie and her mother Pam have been going through a very difficult time in their lives especially with the sudden deterioration in health of their father and husband. Steffie and Pam have assumed a great responsibility of being the primary breadwinners for their family. As their Pastor and having known them for such a long time, I felt that it was necessary to help them in the best way I could. I discussed and consulted with my daughter LaSania to find a way in which we could help them. LaSania said she would find a way so I left it in her hands. After a week or so, LaSania returned to me with information regarding Autorama’s Care to Share Program, a program where vehicles are donated to individuals in need. Steffie had previously expressed in her church testimony how difficult travelling had become since her father’s illness. She had to take public transportation in the darkest hours of the morning and sometimes felt very unsafe doing so. Also, travelling to the father’s doctor’s appointments and even running regular errands around town had also become quite difficult due to the unreliability of her dad’s vehicle to the point where it was no longer driveable. Essentially, the circumstances had changed dramatically and the burden of it all weighed heavily on the family. As a result, I decided to share Steffie and Pam’s story with Autorama’s Care to Share Program with the hope of receiving a reply. As a man of faith, I left my confidence in God to see this thing through. Several weeks later I was contacted by a Care to Share Coordinator from Autorama inviting myself, Steffie and Pam for an interview. As Steffie told the story of how life had changed in an instant, there was not a dry eye in the room. It was evident that I had done the right thing by contacting Autorama. Even though I knew good news would be the result of the meeting, to hear that Steffie was granted this free vehicle was on another level. Steffie and Pam were so elated that the tears of great joy fell from their eyes. This great blessing will allow Steffie and Pam to attend at hospital appointments more conveniently, attend church services regularly, run essential everyday errands and also travel to work more conveniently. I did this because it is more blessed to give than to receive. The reward may not be instant but we must all pay it forward and blessings will return tenfold.

I would like to thank Autorama for making Steffie and Pam’s journey during this difficult time a bit more bearable. Thank you to Care to Share team for taking the time to meet with these two individuals whose lives they have changed for the better through the Care to Share Program at Autorama.

Pastor Michael Hamilton

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