Care to Share – Shema from Mississauga

My heart is overflowing with so much gratitude right now cause of the thoughtfulness of my best friend, Victoria. I have been seeking and praying to God for a car and on July 17, 2015 He answered my prayers. My best friend was browsing the web and she came across a program called Care To Share which is provided by a dealership named Autorama. What this program does is it donates a free car to those who need a car but cannot afford to buy one. I am a single mother of two beautiful kids whom I am I very proud of. They have been my rock and my motivation to not give up. They have seen my struggles to provide for our family and they have also seen me cry many times. Every time I lose grip, my children would say the three words that makes any parent melt, “I love you”. Without even knowing, they gave me the strength I needed to keep on pressing through. Words like: “mommy, it is okay don’t cry. God is gonna take care of us”; or “this is just a test mommy don’t worry.” I thank God everyday for my two little blessings who are now 14 and 12.

I remember the day when a sweet angel called me on the phone to give me the good news that I had won a car because my friend Victoria had signed me up for Autorama’s Care to Share program. This program truly brings hope to those in need who feel like they will never be able to own a car because of their financial state. Wow! Which other dealerships do you know, would do that? None!! How on time is God. I have been struggling just to keep my family a float and therefore I was not able to afford a car. I have been praying and asking God to make a way for me to get a car.

There are times even in the winter where I had no bus fare so the only way for me to get to work was to walk. This is not an easy task because my workplace is over an hour away from my home on foot. I start work at 5 am on weekdays, I would get up at 3 am and leave my house by 3:45 am to start the walk. Buses around my area starts running after 5 am so even if I had the money for the bus fare, I was not able to use public transit. I remember my daughter telling me that anytime she saw me getting up that early she knew I was gonna walk to work and she didn’t want me to do that. She was afraid something would happen to me. So I started to pray even more for God to make a way.

Sometimes we would miss church on a Sunday because I had no bus fare for us to go; I would even call in sick to work if I had no bus fare and didn’t want anyone to know. What I want to get across is: no matter what you are going through, just have a bit of faith that tomorrow will be a better day. Have the strength to believe in yourself and you would be surprised at where you will end up. I would like to thank Victora for thinking of my family. Thank you Autorama for starting this amazing program to give back to the community. Most of all that you God for hearing and answering my prayers.

– Shema of Mississauga

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David Majedi

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