Care to Share – Mary from North York

The past few years have been extremely challenging for me; emotionally and financially. I’m a single mother already struggling to make ends meet but part of ensuring that, is getting to work on time, and in this city, it is very hard to function without being able to get around. Scheduling work and getting my daughter to school in time and making sure she gets picked up after school was already a challenge. Then….my mom passed away…and I am now taking care of my widowed father too. Being stuck at home made my father inactive and lethargic and his doctor was now worrying about his health. I worked as a supply staff in a childcare facility but the hours weren’t enough and the income was never guaranteed.

As hard as I push to make ends meet, the banks were after me for missed mortgage payments and I was extremely worried about September approaching. was I going to be able to work a full time job and still get my daughter to and from school with no car and no support?

So, the search began. Googling everything from ‘help for a single mother’ to ‘cheapest car options for people who don’t approve for loans’, I stumbled on this ad… thinking it was some kind of hoax, I ignored it. But it was always in the back of my mind. …should I reply? Would it matter? Why should they care? Sitting at the doctors’ office, I decided to go ahead and reply. I was slowly losing hope with things in life, so what else would I have to lose?

When I got a call the first time, I thought I was dreaming. Second call, I was trembling. Then I got a call to confirm I had been selected to be helped….I was speechless. Everything was so surreal. Pinched myself….Nope! Not dreaming!

When I was financially stable, I always tried to help people. I helped until I couldn’t even help myself. And now, for the first time in my life, someone was actually helping me?…someone who doesn’t even know me but still cares?…a dealership that genuinely cares about people and wants to help from their hearts…no strings attached…that’s rare and beyond priceless.

AUTORAMA is truly helping people…one car at a time…but the most important thing from this whole experience is not about a free car… in fact it’s not even about the car for me. It’s the fact that people out there still genuinely care, and actually want to help. It’s the motivation I got from the people at AUTORAMA to never give up, keep fighting and stay strong….that’s what I will take with me. The empowerment they gave me to not lose hope when I felt I was losing everything…that is something that I will never forget. My family will forever be grateful!

– Mary of North York

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David Majedi

David brings a decade of experience to his role as Finance Manager at Autorama. Having served a diverse clientele with unique financing needs over the years, he has gained comprehensive knowledge of the market and forged created relationships with all lenders, including banks and private lenders.