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We understand that price, interest rate and monthly payments play important very role when it comes to buying a used car. If you wish you find out your estimated monthly or bi-weekly car loan payments, click on our online Car Loan Calculator and car loan payment calculator below. Please note that this is an estimate and your payment may vary based on your credit score, the amount of your down payment, the vehicle you select, the interest rate and many other factors. Let’s start living credit confident!

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Estimated Residual
Balance to Finance/Lease
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Interest Rate
*estimated for demonstration purposes
Monthly Payments

This car finance calculator tool will help you estimate what your payments will be. Please note that the interest rates shown on the auto loan calculator are for demonstration purposes only. AUTORAMA cannot guarantee this rate.

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Tips to purchase a Used Car

Purchasing a used car can be a stressful especially when you have a bad credit. We have helped many valued clients from all over GTA including Toronto, Hamilton, Oshawa, Trenton, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Belleville, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Brampton, Mississauga, Kitchener, Waterloo, Timmins and London. Here are some tips that may help you to be more prepared when the time comes to purchase your next vehicle:

  • Decide if you want to buy a used car or new car.
  • If you decide on purchasing used car, narrow down your list and settle on a few makes and models so you won’t get overwhelmed when you walk into a dealership.
  • Do not buy cars because it has the latest bell and whistles. Pick a car that meet the your requirements.
  • Always select the vehicle that you can afford the price and monthly/bi-weekly payments.
  • Take the auto insurance price into consideration when you set aside monthly budget for your car.
  • Your credit score is one of the main factors in demining your interest rate. It is a great practice to check your own credit once a year to ensure that you are on the right credit path. In order to check your credit online, you can visit: Equifax or Transunion
  • Start your search by visiting the marketplaces such as CarPages, Kjiji, CarGurus, autoTrader, OntarioCars and select your desired vehicle and a trustable Used Car Dealer near you.
  • Adding a warranty is essential when it comes to buying a used car. Always think long term.
  • So if all stars are aligned; you find the right car, right dealer and got approved for the Car Loan with a good rate, you can take the new addition to the family home! In order to stay on the right credit path, make your payments in a timely manner. Your missed payment can result in reposition of your vehicle and will have negative affect on your credit.
  • Use our auto finance calculator to understand different car financing interest rates and payments
  • Most car loans are open loans and you can upgrade your car after a year while taking advantage of a lower interest rate. So stay in touch with your dealership and visit them after year to discuss your next step.
  • Remember your credit destiny is in your own hands.