Care to Share – Mina from Toronto

Hi, my name is Mina, and my special adventure started when my eldest niece, Tarra wrote to Autorama a heartfelt letter about me. On Tuesday night I got a call from her telling me that I had won a car through Autorama’s Care To Share program. At first, I thought she was joking. My old car had broken down last month and i could not afford to fix it, so winning a car would have been like a miracle because I had never won anything in my life and this was something i needed really badly. This year has been very hard for me and my family since I got diagnosed with major health issues that prevented me from working. When I realized this was for real I cried and the shock set in. On Friday me and my family went to pick up the car and when we walked in, all the staff at Autorama were lined up, clapping their hands with big smiles on their faces. They greeted us like long lost family, they were so happy for us, I could not believe how kind and generous they are, they even gave me flowers as if a car was not enough. They are so genuine and special. I have never been treated so royally in my whole life. This world needs more people like them, they changed my life and gave me hope when I really needed it. There are no words to express my gratitude, I will never forget this day and their generosity. The car i received looks brand new and has air conditioning, electric windows and drives so smoothly. I was also lucky enough it happened to be my favorite color; blue. Thank you to everyone at Autorama and God bless them all.

– Mina of Toronto

More often than not, good is easily forgotten amongst all the negatives we are forced to be submerged in throughout life. Surroundings filled with societal issues, pollution, government politics, and racism, family tragedies, bills, pain, and disease, loss of self and self worth…. I mean, without dozens of avenues designed to drown it out, we may just as well go insane. Or at least it is easy to feel that way, but every once in a while you’re nudged to go in a direction that’s off the beaten path, away from your normal perhaps try or do something different. In doing so you may be lead to exactly where you need to be in that very moment and possibly given a much needed reminder that all the good, the beauty and life’s little miracles, all still exist if your just open your eyes and never give up. That’s when I came across an ad, ‘ Free car for a family in need!’ I scrunched up my face jerking my neck backwards with a sideways smirk thinking to myself, ‘that can’t be real…’ Immediately I thought about my aunt Mina and all she’s been through. Then I stopped and thought what’s the point. Those type of things never happened, AND THAN I thought, we’ll how sad is that!! I’m so stuck on good things never being real or wishes never coming true anymore that I stopped myself from trying! That’s when I made a decision that would change my life forever. Not because I could possibly win a car, but because it could restore my faith in humanity altogether. I started by researching this company Autorama online and on their website. Although it was against what I thought was my better judgment I believed in them. And so, I began to write:

“First of all and above all wow, really…I have never heard of a car dealership that has ever done something like this for their communities. Though I may not know you, you should be so proud that you have grown to a level that you are able to do this. Thank you from everyone in your community. Now this submission is not for me. This is something put on my path at exactly the right time. This plea to read my story is on behalf of my aunt Mina. When I was a 1 year old cutie my mother lost custody of me due to a drug and alcohol addiction. My father who fought for me used all his money in court and we lived in a van. One of those incredibly creepy dark green vans with the bubble window on the side, so a child coming out of there….no good. So my father found a nanny. Shortly after that my father had a stroke and early dementia kicked in and he passed away. My family was now my nanny was who I called Mom now, Esther, my aunt Mina’s sister. My mom tried her hardest for a 19 year old new adoptive mother, but the glue that has always held my entire family together has always been my aunt Mina. We were the type of family that had a lot of downs but a lot more love. Our ups…always fueled by my aunt’s generosity and hard work. Years went by, my mother moved out of the country and the rest of my family all fell on hard times. All ten of them, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandmas (only one) all living in one house that’s falling apart. My aunt, bless her soul has been running around driving the rest of the family that’s including my sick grandma, Mina’s mom to her many appointments. But her car broke down, the one she just bought this year with the penny’s she had left just before finding out she has brain disease. I know this is incredibly sad, but there are always so many laughs in the midst of it all because of her. She is in serious need of a car…really. Doctors’ appointments, grocery shopping…God anything to get her out and about so she doesn’t get worse. This is my turn to give something to her. After the years she has beaten herself down for everyone around her. I want to put the beautiful f smile on her face that will show me she believes that miracles happen …that they happen for her, and that she didn’t do it all for nothing. I know there are many deserving people out there, so I leave it to you to do your job. But if this story comes across your desk, please consider my aunt Mina. (tear) Thank you for all your consideration. All my thanks, Tarra”

I pressed send and that was it. A couple of days later my phone rang, it was Autorama. I was told I had made it through to be reviewed as a finalist by the panel. I don’t know what it was because lord knows I’m a skeptic, but I knew this was for real! The angel on the other end of the phone line assured me she would do whatever she could to help my aunt and I believed her. Four days later it happened, my life changed forever. We won! Most of all I believed again, and I knew my aunt believed again, that miracles do happen…that people like the amazing team at Autorama, every single one of them are the selfless souls that do more then give away cars. They give away hope. If there is anyone reading this right now, and you’re thinking about yourself or someone you know that deserves a little hope, a helping hand and a miracle please don’t hesitate. Take a minute to reach out. Even if you don’t win, I assure you, your story won’t be heard on deaf ears. It means something to share your story. Go and share your story. You will not regret it. And again, to the Angels at Autorama thank you for all you’ve done all you do and what you will continue to do for your community. Please keep setting the example for other business owners to do their part in their own way like you do “one car at a time” We are blessed to be a part of your family.

– Tarra
Niece of Recipient

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