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When you are shopping for a new car, the financing rate of your auto loan can make a difference in what vehicle you end up purchasing. You want to ensure that you get the best car loan rates available to help you get into a car you love to drive.

Used car loan interest rates can vary based on where you obtain a loan and your credit score. At Autorama, we are here to help you get the best rate available. We are dedicated to helping you own your dream car. Contact us today or apply for auto financing online and let us help you get into your perfect car with the best auto loan rates available.

Like many other used car shoppers, you are certainly looking for the lowest interest rate for your car loan. Our partnership with almost most of the banks and lenders make it possible for us to offer you the lowest rate in the market depending on your credit situation. We work with BMO, TD, RBC, CIBC, Scotia Bank, Desjardins and most of private lender. Our rate starts from 4.69% and we offer over 250 high quality vehicles in an indoor showroom in the heart of Toronto. Are you still searching online for “low interest car loan near me”? Why shop around when you can get the best way to finance a car and the best used car at the lowest interest rate from the local dealer near you. Please fill out on our online car loan application and get ready to be impressed!

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Used Car Loan Rates FAQ

What is a Good Interest Rate?

When searching for the best car loan rates for used cars you’ll likely find that they vary. Your credit score and the term of the loan can affect car loan interest rates. Many prospective car buyers feel that an interest rate between 4-6% is a good fit.

Can I Refinance for a Better Interest Rate?

Refinancing can be a great way to get a better interest rate on your car loan. As you make regular car payments and build your credit, you may be eligible to refinance your vehicle for a lower rate. This helps you to save money on interest and is a great option for anyone who is building credit.

What Credit Score Gets the Best Rate?

There is no denying that your good credit score can award you with lower interest rates on auto loans. When shopping for a used car your credit score should ideally be 660 or higher to take advantage of the lowest rates. If you don’t have good credit, don’t worry. You can still get an auto loan and work toward refinancing for a better rate in the future. For more tips on how to finance a car with low credit see our previous article How to Finance a Car with Poor Credit.

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Expand Your Horizons By Rebuilding Your Credit

Gone are the days of buying things you can’t afford, skipping credit card payments and making minimum-only payments. Improving your credit score means staying well below your credit limit and paying your credit card bills on time, possibly in full.

Your credit history and credit score tell lenders a lot about your money habits and are designed to give them an idea of what their risk is if they loan you money. Our Finance Team spends time to understand your finance and credit situation and customize a plan that will meet your requirements. Our goal is to make customers for life. We want you to return to us for your next purchase so we make sure to make it possible for you to buy your dream car now and make it even easier for you in future by providing you with an affordable, low interest rate and flexible terms.

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Bad Credit?

At AUTORAMA, we understand that Bankruptcy ruins an individual’s credit, however, we believe in new beginnings. Although most of Car Loan Lenders wouldn’t accept Bankruptcy Credit Applications, we do! We are committed to help you rebuild your credit and put you behind the wheels with our bankruptcy car loans.

Simply Apply Here and we will certainly contact you back to discuss your application.

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We understand that the divorce is not an easy process and make your life more complicated. It can also affect your credit rating.We understand what you are going through and will go above and beyond to lift a load from your shoulder by getting you approved and putting you back on the driver’s seat.

Please contact us at 1-866-979-2947 to consult with one of our Finance Specialist or Apply online to get approved.

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Are you a student or a recent graduate and in need of transportation? We all have been there. The days that you have a university loan to pay, looking to start a career and need a vehicle that helps you to get to work.

Getting a car loan is one of the best way to build or rebuild your credit. Our finance team specializes in working with students and new graduates. We offer competitive rates and flexible terms to make the dream of driving your own car a reality.

Located at 1205 Finch Ave West, we proudly assist many students from York University. It is so rewarding to assist the young generation in the beginning of the new chapter of their lives. It is wonderful to see smile on their faces as they drive away with their own car. It feels so good to know that you touched people’s life by helping them to be on the right credit path.

Please Apply online or give us a call at 416-739-7262 or email us your questions. Our finance consultant would be happy to assist you and answer to any questions you have. We will make your shopping experience unforgettable!

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