What is a Good Mileage for a Used Car?

David Majedi

Dec 21, 2022

What is a Good Mileage for a Used Car?

Are you considering buying a used vehicle but are a bit unsure about how many kilometres is too much for a used car? Though there may be times you may want to avoid buying certain vehicles, for the most part, a vehicle with a fair number of miles on it can still be a great choice!

At Autorama, we are dedicated to helping our customers drive cars they love, and know that used vehicles are a smart choice when looking to save money. Don’t let a few extra kilometres scare you away from a vehicle that suits both your budget and daily use needs. In this post, we help you understand how much km is good for a used car, and support you in buying with confidence. Let us help you find the car of your dreams and see why we are the used car dealership Toronto residents trust most.

What is a Good Mileage for a Used Car in Canada?

First-time car buyers and buyers who have never purchased a used vehicle before often want to know, what is good mileage on a used car? Though every buyer will have a different idea of how much mileage is too much on a used car, a general starting point to consider is 20,000 KM or less per year. This would mean that a 5-year-old vehicle with 100,000 KM on it would be considered an average amount of miles on the vehicle. A vehicle of the same age with fewer kilometres may cost more than one with average kilometres, while those with more could cost less.

Having higher-than-average kilometres may not always be a red flag when it comes to buying a used vehicle. This is especially true if you do not plan on driving the vehicle excessively. A vehicle with higher-than-average kilometres could still be a great option for you so long as it has been well-maintained and meets your budget and practical needs. Whether you are looking for used cars under $10,000 for sale, or are in need of a used SUV under $35,000, the experts at Autorama can assist you in finding a vehicle that perfectly suits your needs.

What Other Factors Should I Consider When Buying a Used Vehicle?

When shopping for your next used car, there are many things to consider other than what is a good mileage for a used car. The overall condition of the vehicle, whether it has been involved in a collision, and factors such as whether it is well suited to your needs should also be considered before buying any vehicle.All buyers are different, and sometimes a vehicle that has higher Kms, or has been involved in a minor collision, isn’t a big deal if the vehicle otherwise suits the needs of the buyer. Lean into what feels best for you when it comes to buying a used car. At Autorama, we are always here to help you find your perfect vehicle with the best financing option for your needs. Apply for used car financing online today to get started with the process of buying your next car.

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