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David Majedi

Jun 16, 2020

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Honda, an undeniable powerhouse within the automotive industry, believe it or not, also started as the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer before it made its way in to the automotive industry. They were the first Japanese auto manufacturer to release a dedicated luxury brand with sporty options available. Honda’s desire to be the first to try new approaches is evident with their creation of the first Japanese luxury chain: Acura. In order to stand out from other competitive Japanese brands, Honda did things a little differently. They put their customers’ satisfaction first by developing and catering to different needs and markets for varying global regions. Honda’s trademark has been its fuel efficiency and reliability, which has paved the way for newer technologies to emerge into the market. Honda has remained a top choice for used car buyers’ as they offer all the features desired in a second hand vehicle. Regardless of model, Autorama can help your with your Honda financing and Honda loan needs.


The iconic Honda Civic was launched in 1973 and easily became the longest running model from a Japanese manufacturer. The Civic gave Honda a reputation for reliability and efficiency at a low cost. For used-car shoppers in Toronto, the Honda Civic is a great buy, as it provides a fuel efficient 4 cylinder engine, a sleek looking exterior and comfortable interior. On top of its great features, the Honda Civic holds a high re-sale value, thus, making it a perfect fit for shoppers looking for a used, dependable and compact vehicle.


The Honda Accord hit the market in 1976 and has managed to hold onto its nameplate for most reliable 4 door sedan in North America, despite its fast growing competition. Honda has offered various different body styles and engine sizes for the Accord to cater to different regions of the world; a distinguishing factor that sets Honda apart from its competition. The Accord is available in an economical 4 cylinder engine, or a sportier V6 model. Despite the competition, the Accord has a better overall score in terms of safety, reliability and efficiency, thus, making it a top choice for a family friendly sedan. That is why our second hand buyers in the Greater Toronto Area always consider an Accord when they look for a mid-sized sedan.


Honda launched the CR-V to provide its consumers a compact and affordable version of the full-size SUVs on the market at the time. The CR-V was modeled after a sedan, featuring a fuel-efficient 4 cylinder engine, smooth and easy handling, but with enough cargo and passenger space to fit the needs of a modern family. The CR-V is ideal for used-car shoppers looking for a compact SUV, without breaking the bank. Holding true to the Honda tradition, the CR-V is offered with various features and upgrades available, however, their main focus remains on the convenience and reliability of the vehicle.


In 2003, Honda introduced its cross-over SUV; the Honda Pilot. This cross-over helped shaped the entire market by introducing one of the first cross-over vehicles with third throw seating and a powerful V6 engine to deliver a smooth, efficient yet powerful and agile drive. Aside from its power, the Pilot’s interior design is shaped and built for functionality and improved cargo capacity, making it a great SUV for growing families who aren’t quite ready for a full-size minivan. The Honda Pilot remains a benchmark vehicle for families within the Greater Toronto Area with many used-car buyers seeking for the right one for them.


Since the reintroduction of the Odyssey in 1999, Honda changed the scope of the mini-van standard. With features such as folding third row seats, powerful engine and plenty of cargo and passenger room, Honda set the standard for mini-vans to follow. When choosing a used mini-van for your family, safety is the number one priority. Honda understands that and can boast consistent high crash test scores. The Odyssey is available with a variety of features that are engineered to cater to your family’s needs. The number of Odyssey’s on the road in Toronto and its surrounding areas are steady, which tells you that this model is dependable and reliable.


With over 200 handpicked vehicles in our showroom, you can rest assured that Autorama has the perfect vehicle to suit your needs. We’re confident that you’ll be able to find the car you’re looking for from our great lineup of pre-owned Honda vehicles. To learn more about the incredible advantages of any of our used Honda models, come and test drive the models that appeal to you most at our location – 1205 Finch Ave. West in Toronto. We look forward to serving you!

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