David Majedi

Nov 27, 2016

Winning dealer turns one car into four

The winning dealer of a 2013 Chevrolet Cruze in the first GM Financial of Canada’s (GMFC) Summer Lanes sales events will sell the one car to buy four used cars and donate them to needy families in the community.

Autorama of North York, Ont., won the car for participating in GMFC’s first “elite” sales event in Canada.

Dealers received one entry for the grand-prize car giveaway for each vehicle purchased at sales at Manheim Montreal, Manheim Toronto and ADESA Halifax during the summer.

Autorama has a community outreach program called Care to Share, “where we donate cars to families in need who don’t have the means to buy one,” said General Manager Nasser Rad. “We plan to sell this car and use the money we receive to buy several cars,” he said.

“This one car from GM Financial will turn into four cars that will make four families very happy.”

This was the first year that GM Financial expanded its elite sales program into Canada. “What started as a promotion to generate attention for our three elite sales has turned into a great opportunity where we’re giving back to the community,” said Vice-President GM Financial Remarketing Solutions, John Paonessa.

A so-called elite sale brings hundreds of GM Financial’s together at one sale, in a series of regional sales.

“We can’t compare it to other sales since this was the first of its kind, Paonessa said. Sales numbers were not released.

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