David Majedi

Oct 30, 2018

Toronto’s Top Independent Dealership, standing out from the crowd

It’s not enough to hope your company, as it stands, will win and become successful. In order to achieve success and be ahead of the game, you need to be a million times better than your competitors and push yourself to the limits, because to become number #1 you need to act like number #1.

Nasser Rad, the CEO & President of Autorama, started his Journey in 2000 and wanted to make an impact by being different and creating a unique company with strong ideals. His vision was to be GTA’s most recognizable and trusted pre-owned dealership by providing extraordinary customer service and high-quality inventory that exceeds all competitions. Today, Autorama is a multi-award winning Pre-owned Dealership in Toronto and its ever-growing number of well-earned awards are testament to the hard work and dedication shown by Rad and his team.

Located in the heart of Toronto at 1205 Finch Ave West, AUTORAMA is an elite superstore which provides a wide selection of hand-picked vehicles to choose from at very competitive prices. The dealership carries a variety of popular Japanese, North American & European brands in every make and model you’ve been dreaming of, all of which are indoors which makes it easy for customers to browse. Once you find your match, the finance team will arrange the car loan that makes the most sense for your unique needs.

Autorama understands that every customer has specific auto finance requirements. The dealership has partnerships with almost all banks and financial institutions which allows them to serve customers with any credit background. With a team of experts, they are able to match each customer with the right car and the right lender.

As a well-known brand and a highly reputable company, improving quality is a daily priority at Autorama. From sales and services to finance, Autorama always aims to increase customer satisfaction. “We constantly meet our own high demands and are committed to continual improvement,” Rad said.

Autorama proactively seeks opportunities to support the community. Rad, who is a strong believer in initiatives that directly improve the condition of others, initiated the “Care to Share – Free Cars for People in Need” program in 2015. This program changes lives one car at a time and is designed to serve the financially strained individuals or families who are in dire need of a vehicle.

“We achieve true success when we positively enrich lives and make our community a better place to live. This is not just our responsibility, but our obligation,”

Nasser Rad

Being recognized amongst a great league of professionals within the industry as the Best Used Car Dealership in Toronto 6 years in a row is truly a humbling honor for Rad and his entire team. Nasser Rad stated: “Offering better quality, better value and better cars is our vision. Cars are our passion and to always stand out from the crowd is our mission. Perfection is our driving force and we won’t accept anything less. That is how we move into the future.”

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David Majedi

David brings a decade of experience to his role as Finance Manager at Autorama. Having served a diverse clientele with unique financing needs over the years, he has gained comprehensive knowledge of the market and forged created relationships with all lenders, including banks and private lenders.