David Majedi

Jan 01, 2013


People say that dogs often resemble their owners. Do you know why? Do you have a dog? Well whether you have a dog or not, I’m sure you see it around you. Professionally speaking, it is our personalized energy that searches for others alike in our everyday interactions. Having said that, whether it be dogs, friends or even our vehicle, there will always be an internal or external resemblance.

It is interesting to think back on all the people you’ve met and think about the vehicles they drive or aspire to own. You will often find yourself saying, “of course he/she drives that car!” Your car can be considered your reflection. There is a reason why you chose the vehicle out of all the other options out there. Over the years, we, as a used-car dealership with over 14 years of experience, have come up with a few characteristics of the drivers, in relation to the different types of vehicles they drive.

Coupe – The self-fulfilling dreamer. Coupe drivers are often introverts that keep a lot of thoughts and ideas inside. They hold strong friendships because coupe drivers depend on indirect support. The coupe drivers tend to enjoy grabbing a coffee, put on some music and just drive.

Compact Sedan – Willingness to strive for a better tomorrow. Goal oriented but also has the gift to be content with what they have at hand. The compact sedan drivers are social butterflies that work hard and play hard.

Sedan – Balanced between being responsible and willing to step outside of the norm every once in a while. Often selfless and willing to put other’s interest before their own. Sedan drivers are drivers who usually drive within speed limit but once in a while, they put the music up, windows down and enjoy the ride.

Minivan – Adventurous organizers. Minivan drivers often have a packed schedule but when they have time off, they will organize fun filled activities with their loved ones. Minivans being a family-oriented vehicle, their drivers are, needless to say, family-oriented people as well. Caring, nurturing and warmth are what you would expect from these drivers.

SUV – Strength, sense of security and instincts of nurturing loved ones. When we talk about strength, it is not always physical; strength is often displayed most from a person’s mind and will. SUV drivers often enjoy the conversations that happen inside the vehicle than actually the drive itself; sharing moments with others is what they are all about. They are also very visual oriented people and enjoy observing nice scenic routes on their drives.

These descriptions are not proven scientific equations, they are merely suggestions. There are so many other things to a vehicle that paints the portrait of their owner. Brand, model, colour, mileage, new car or used car, personalization of wheel or other components. Everything inside and outside of the car tells you a bit about the driver. Your car is an extension of yourself, appreciate the bond.


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David Majedi

David brings a decade of experience to his role as Finance Manager at Autorama. Having served a diverse clientele with unique financing needs over the years, he has gained comprehensive knowledge of the market and forged created relationships with all lenders, including banks and private lenders.