David Majedi

Jun 26, 2016

Making a difference one car at a time! – Free Cars for those in need – Care to Share

When AUTORAMA opened their successful business serving the immediate community of north Toronto with gently-used, previously-owned quality automobiles more than 15 years ago, the aim was to be a source, a solution to many looking for vehicle value at affordable prices while providing often innovative financial services options, and, of course, superior customer service. AUTORAMA has firmly established themselves as a business which is not only about turning over inventory but where every existing and even prospective customer is a priority, with cars of every description a passion, and matching customers with the perfect vehicle is their mission.

AUTORAMA long ago recognized that the community they served was crucial to their ongoing success. President Nasser Rad and his team devised an innovative program that’s all about their paying it forward to the same community that has been very good to them. Since 2015 they have introduced the “Care to Share: Free Cars for People in Need” program, a simple yet effective initiative. Simply, AUTORAMA will provide a vehicle to an individual or family in need. Recipients are selected based upon nominations made online.

A recent recipient is Elvira, whose brother made the application. She is a mother with three children at home. Her and her family have suffered losses, dealt with numerous health conditions, financial strains and losing their home, but yet when you meet them, they all have a glowing smile on their face. Elvira displays the strength to pick herself back up every single time she gets pushed to the ground. People are bounded by their own perception and if you have the strength to perceive obstacles as merely a life lesson, you will become limitless.

happy son embraces mother after getting free car from autorama

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David Majedi

David brings a decade of experience to his role as Finance Manager at Autorama. Having served a diverse clientele with unique financing needs over the years, he has gained comprehensive knowledge of the market and forged created relationships with all lenders, including banks and private lenders.
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