Auto Financing for Students

David Majedi

Aug 11, 2020

Student at a postsecondary level are at the time of their lives where they transition over to adulthood. During this transition, it is important to acquire tools that will assist them in the work field as much as their studies. In the Greater Toronto Area, having a vehicle is necessary if you want to keep up with our busy society. With minimal savings, students often wonder what it takes to get approved for a car loan.

The requirements for a car loan are not too different from students, to working adults. Affordability and responsibility priorities in the eyes of a lender. It is extremely beneficial for a student to have a job that will ensure the bank that payments will be paid on time. If a student is unemployed, a co-signer will be able to assist you as well. If you are an international student, you may be asked for documents proving your stay in the country is for an extended period of time.

Students should expect that interest will fluctuate as often time’s students have minimal credit history. Interest is primarily based on one’s credit standing so do not stress over something that cannot be changed. Focus on payment affordability.

There are enough things to worry about as a student, as you prepare yourself to take on the next chapter of your life, allow Autorama to help you with acquiring your very first car loan and put you on the road to success! Simply call (416) 739-7267 or fill out our no obligation finance application at and speak with one of our financing specialists for more information.

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David Majedi

David brings a decade of experience to his role as Finance Manager at Autorama. Having served a diverse clientele with unique financing needs over the years, he has gained comprehensive knowledge of the market and forged created relationships with all lenders, including banks and private lenders.