David Majedi

Jun 01, 2015

Above & Beyond at Every Turn


“We go above and beyond to give our valued customers the best possible automotive retail experience” AUTORAMA is the leading independent used car dealership in Toronto. We live by the philosophy “Better Quality, Better Value, Better Cars”. Founded in 2000, our goal was to bring a new car buying experience to the used car market. With overwhelming success, we are grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the used car industry.

Our large and immaculate indoor showrooms boasts an extensive selection of high quality preowned vehicles, just a small part of why AUTORAMA has been consistently ranked as Best Used Car Dealership in Toronto. Recipient of the Top Choice Award in 2013 and 2014 and Readers Choice Award in 2014, we are proud to continuously deliver outstanding customer service to our clientele.

As a member of UCDA & OMVIC and it matters to us that our customers are protected. Our “Better Quality: philosophy is demonstrated through customer service, as we are always looking at our dealership through our customer’s eyes. Customer service has always been the absolute top priority for AUTORAMA and delivering exceptional consumer experiences is what helps differentiate us from our competition.

Competitive pricing forms the backbone for our “Better Value”. We constantly monitor the market to ensure we price our vehicles fairly, providing competitive rates and flexible terms. Our handpicked inventory speaks for itself. “Better Cars” ensure that our customers will be satisfied. “I am very selective when it comes to inventory and carry a handpicked selection of preowned vehicles. I want my family to drive reliable, safe and high quality vehicles. I want the same for each of our customers” Nasser Rad states.

Our strength lies within our people and our process. Wonderful employees and a great process have enabled us to accomplish amazing results. Our team works hard to assist our customers. What matters to us the most is helping our customers stay on the right financial path to rebuild their credit. We have an expert team that specializes in financing all credit situations. They work closely with our customers to match them with the best lenders, right cars and low interest car loans based on their financial history. We know that our customers will return to us for their next purchase, so we do our best to ensure that the way is paved for them to have a better credit status the next time around. Offering Car Proof History Reports on every vehicle is part of our dedication to transparency and provides consumer with peace of mind when buying a used car.

Nasser Rad finalizes his thoughts by stating that “Winning the Top Choice Award makes us looking back at the journey we have been on and the goals we achieved. This recognition will continue to motivate my two wonderful sons, my family and our remarkable team to keep doing what they love and be the best they could be. At AUTORAMA, we are proud of who we are and optimistic that a promising future lies ahead!”

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David Majedi

David brings a decade of experience to his role as Finance Manager at Autorama. Having served a diverse clientele with unique financing needs over the years, he has gained comprehensive knowledge of the market and forged created relationships with all lenders, including banks and private lenders.